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Like I’m new, I’m still trying to learn how to do this. Gillian: We had the next draft of the script and it was developed even further.

It was really refreshing, and actually another friend of mine met to talk about Nicky and said the same thing.

And I similarly am not from improv or stand-up, so I felt like I was having to do this crash course in improv to do Mike’s movie. But with improv—and god bless people because we’re all just trying—the group can come off stage together. The other thing I was making fun of—whether it’s stand-up or improv—is that these are the worst people to be around because they’re just Gillian: That was very true to my experience of moving to L. Because I didn’t come from comedy, I didn’t understand that's how people talked to each other. If you go in trying to have a sincere, honest conversation, you’re running into a brick wall sometimes.

Demetri: What I can say is that in stand-up, when you die on stage, you die alone. And I thought people were making fun of me at first, but that's just how they communicate.

He holds nothing back, routinely saying things most wouldn't ever dare.

Anthony is not for the easily offended or humorless.

I remember a girl I dated in high school—this is a lesson I learned back then. She’s a doctor now and she was like, “I don’t know if you ever notice but when you guys get answers right in class you’re brilliant, but I’m a hard worker,” and it’s just that insidious sexism of “You’re a hard worker, sweetie.

You can’t be a genius.” Now you get to storytelling and I want to be respectful. It’s still humbling to try to be like, how do you tell a woman’s story?

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I gotta know, what's your beef with improv troupes? Gillian: I shot Demetri’s movie way before I shot Mike’s movie, but to have them both at the same festival is funny to me.So it was the same kind of thing, like, "I hope they laugh at this." I think it was the shot of Kevin Kline’s jeans early on and when they laughed at that, I was like, "This will be a good night." From then on, I could just enjoy the movie. There's a shot of Rory Scovel, who plays Eric, when we’re in his room with all of his cat stuff.I was getting B-roll, just trying to get his cat and stuff. That’s one of my favorite laughs in the movie and I don’t understand why it’s funny.A., where he meets and falls for a girl (played by Gillian Jacobs).But don't let the conventional synopsis stop from winning you over.

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