Validating a digital signature

If you need to make a change, you can remove your digital signature, make the change, and then sign the section again. Digitally signing a document can be simple or complex, depending on how you approach it and what you expect from it.This includes documents even where the graphical part of the digital signature is available on the printout.To check that the signature on your document is an authentic DNV GL signature, you need to accept DNV GL as a trusted certificate1) issuer on your computer.Being an independent trusted third party, providing qualitative and quantitative assessments for a wide variety of business processes, products and services, DNV GL has decided to implement digital signatures to authenticate certificates, documents and reports (hereafter referred to as documents) issued by the organisation.

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This page provides you with information on the use and validation of digital signatures from DNV GL.Adobe expert Brian Wood explores the generic process for digitally signing a PDF document using Acrobat X and what you can expect. When she opens the PDF file, the blue message bar will appear indicating that at least one signature has a problem.If she was to click on the signature area, a dialog box would appear indicating that the signature validity is unknown (see Figure 17).Documents created in PDF format can be viewed using any application supporting this format.A commonly used application for this purpose is Adobe Reader (freeware). PDF documents signed by a representative of DNV GL will contain information to authenticate the signer.

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