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The former, done right, can genuinely be a low-risk and low-effort way of getting your jollys (if that’s your thing).The latter is a recipe for disaster - the human brain just isn’t wired that way. 'We booty called each other a couple of times afterwards, but it fizzled out after we'd actually met up and had sex.We ended up having Whatsapp sex, which he’d never done before.It was a bit strange sexting before we’d even met in real life – but kind of incredible.'Two weeks later they were meeting up IRL and - perhaps inevitably, considering they'd already seen each other naked virtually - they had sex.Conversation moved onto Whatsapp, which Gemma felt was a natural progression - although she wouldn’t have suggested herself.‘I’d always wait for a guy to suggest moving onto Whatsapp first, in the same way as I’d always wait for a guy to suggest a date.She might be onto something – numerous studies have revealed that receiving a text message or an email releases a surge of dopamine into the brain.

Debrief writer Stevie, 25, agrees that boob pics are NBD these days: ‘We always send pictures of our boobs via snapchat, mainly because there’s so much you can do in terms of decoration and no chance of anyone seeing it.

Also, pictures of boobs aren’t really a big deal anymore – I think most people send photos like that to their lady/man friends. Similarly I send boob pictures to my boyfriend all the time.’ Gemma insists that, rather than killing any chemistry, chatting to someone extensively via texts or messages before a date takes some of the pressure off when you do meet IRL.

‘That way you’ve already got common ground and points of interest you’ve discussed, so even if you’ve then got nothing else in common at least you’ve got somewhere to go with the conversation,’ she says.

Once you’ve matched with someone on Tinder you might chat to them for weeks before meeting up IRL, and how about that friend of a friend you sort of fancy who casually started messaging you on Facebook?

Would you even dream of going on a blind date with a stranger if you hadn’t vetted them and checked out the quality of their ‘banter’ on Whatsapp first?

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