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Others suggest that they may have died of starvation, but no one knows for certain.

However, ongoing archaeological efforts reveal new clues with every research excavation.

Summertime visitors will enjoy the warmest months, although many off-season vacationers agree that the spring and fall months are perfectly delightful times to visit as well.

Some towns along the Outer Banks offer robust commercial areas full of shops, galleries and restaurants, while the villages farther off the mainland offer remote solitude.The privateers decided that any ship with cargo was fair game, which included the British.It was easy to become a pirate as one Stede Bonnet, a wealthy landowner turned pirate, found out.Visitors should pay close attention to the daily forecast, and should plan their beach days accordingly.For more information on Outer Banks weather, including local hurricanes, visit our website often to see the forecast for your upcoming Hatteras Island vacation!

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