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She will break the rules without a second thought, if the end justifies the means.

- An excerpt from the book Venus: The Dark Side by Roy Sheppard and Mary T Cleary Does this excerpt give you an idea about what you are dealing with?

She is extremely confident, charming, and tends to speak with a lot of openness.

This flamboyant nature of hers manages to attract people instantly towards her.

Which is why she will change jobs within sort span of time, she will move from places to places living a nomadic life.Many experts call the female sociopath as the best actress in the whole wide world because of her ability to create a mess in your life, and still manage to get away with it while sticking on to you.She is a great manipulator, she will have a logical explanation for her every action ..., so, if you question her about something that she did, her response to that will make you question yourself instead!", then there are chances that she can turn out to be the sociopath you should be away from!Her superior beliefs also make her arrogant and harsh towards others, but if you are the potential prey, she will treat you like there can be no one as sweet as her ... For her, rules are meant to be broken, and responsibilities, why should she even care!

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