Secret of online dating

I’m not asking you to give up and I’m certainly NEVER going to ask anyone to change the “system” from the ground up. Just because something feels unfair doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use it. If you don’t let the shitty aspect of it trap you into becoming negative or feeling helpless you’re going to be okay. They are not going to teach you about how attraction works.

Online dating is there for us to use and take advantage of and thinking otherwise is just plain wrong. They are not going to teach you EXACTLY how you should use their product for a better experience that’s not filtered for their benefit.

Trying to change the system is not only a waste of time but also a moot point because it appears to be a necessary evil for more and more people everyday.Swipe left, swipe right, find a hottie who is within miles of you and is looking for sex…There are appears to be two different channels online – One promotes quick sex, easy hook-ups, easy lays, the other promotes marriage and finding your dream partner.She might be “just” curious enough to ask you “What the hell did you do that for? he inherent problems of online dating seems to be completely overlooked by the ones selling you their premier package, or are they really oversights?If I’m selling you a service the last thing I’m going tell you is the absolute truth, it’s normally not smart business. Unless you’re willing to travel, do the long distance thing, and the person you’re seeking is willing also, that buffet you just paid for means one trip and a lot of stale bread that’s been sitting around for hours maybe even days.

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