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And the fact that close relatives are more likely to share them.Genes are Inherited from Your Parents Our DNA has the instructions to make us who we are.That’s why you usually (but not always) look more like your brother or sister or parents than other people in your family. No matter how related two family members are, they all share some genes in common.As I said, brothers and sisters are very closely related. Which means they are also more likely to share any gene versions that can lead to disabilities.

And your parents got their genes from their parents (your grandparents) and so on.

It is pretty rare to be a carrier for a disability and it is even more rare to have a child with somebody who is also a carrier. And the chances of it happening become more likely the more closely related the parents are.

This is why most of the time, carriers have perfectly healthy children! This is because they may have inherited the same gene change from their shared ancestors.

Because genes are passed down from person to person, everyone in a family shares some percentage of their genes with everyone else in their family.

That is why you are linked to everybody in your family tree!

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