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a few more adjustments and I was easily shooting a 3/4 inch square at 100 yards. As long as the scope holds up against the brutal power of the STW I am 100% satisfied! great scope 5 stars, ive got it mounted on a gamo whisper it works zoom is clear and unmatchable for the price. the formula that came in the manual helped me sight in in less than a day. The adjustable glowing red cross hairs make it much easier to maintain an accurate pattern and the clarity on the target was exceptional! You get the performance of a high end scope for a price that is unmatched and unbeatable.

i generally use it @ 25 yds so i dont need all the zoom. A minimal investment that will improve your shooting experience 10 fold.

but its amazing when u need that "ten bucks you cant hit that bulls eye" shot.

I cranked up the elevation 80 clicks and nailed a 3 inch target at 100 yards.

When I mounted the scope the gun shot a 0.375" (3) shot group, 100 yds. FOV isn't that bad, cross hair focus is difficult and the IR is about useless as it just shines light on the rectile.. i am very pleased with this scope and tell everyone i shoot with about it. this thing is amazing.howdy folks, I just had a simple honest to God question. Placed this scope on a Rock River M4 flat top with a 16" bbl. Most hold 5-shot groups of 1/2 inches between 25-200 yds. My son used it on his remington model 740 in canada and the guide wanted to keep it. Shot my best-ever group of 0.073 inches from 100 yards with this scope today.

I've own this scope for a few weeks now and havent been able to shoot it since I dont have a good scope mount for it. May not be the correct rifle for the scope but even with the 16" 1/9 inch bbl. Others I own hold 5-shot groups of 2/8 inches between 25-100 yds. This scope can also hold up to a 45/70 Govt.'s punishment! He shot in low light and fog and downed a nice 2x2 mule deer at 75 yards. Mag set at 16X; 26-inch stainless Encore; handloaded ammo but no reloading info (didn't write it down); from sandbags front and rear.

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