Problems dating black men

Her man simply responded by stating that while he was in school, she carried the bulk of the financial responsibility in their relationship and she ended up really resenting him for it.Then, my Honduran friend chimed in that she TOO had heard her Black female friends frequently make disparaging comments like that about Black men, resulting in her asking me “why are Black women so concerned with their men making less money than them?Ive now started worrying about my own health because we have had unprotected sex and this guy is basically from the aids/std capital of the world...the fact that he cheated on her means he cant exactly be trusted when it comes to that area.I dont consider myself a racist, but am willing to accept that perhaps there is a deep subconscious part of me that is that is making me feel this way. You would probably also have a visceral reaction if she had dated other men of which you don't approve, such as an 80 year old man. You should practice to accept it and its not an easy task. Now, I've always had a problem discussing this stuff with my previous (first) girlfriend due to insecurity and jealousy issues, but I felt that I had turned a corner with this current girl as I didn't really feel the same way anymore (mainly due to her not being my first, like the previous girlfriend was).Anyway, so the discussion continued and she told me that her last boyfriend was while she was in Africa.So curiosity got the better of me and I, assuming it was another foreigner, asked about him.

At that point in the conversation I mentally disconnected from whatever they continued talking about because I was instantly lost in my own thoughts.

Most Black women I know will stand by a man while he gets his sh*t together – as long as he’s willing to stand WITH her when he does.

The truth is, the reason it APPEARS that Black women may be harder on Black men who make less money is because, as a community, we’re STILL trying to come to terms with the concept of a viewing our shared finances as a complete household income versus separate and competing salaries added together.

I’ve heard a lot of criticisms and commentaries made on the state of Black love, but this one was new – especially coming from non-Black women.

When I look around, I DO see interracial relationships where non-Black women out-earn their Black man, yet still manage to maintain a semblance of happiness despite their economic inequality as a couple.

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