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It started a few years ago when they met to work on a song for P’s mixtape and album.They’re both always in Miami, if i’m not mistaken they live in Miami but they have been in-separable ever since.Back in 2009, he released his debut album ‘The Introduction of Marcus Cooper,’ a successful effort that spawned his biggest hit ‘Boyfriend #2’ and three Grammy nominations.But after controversy surrounding charges of alleged child molestation, which he called “100-percent false,” he went under the radar.A few stories above the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan, it offers a rare sight over a snow-coated Central Park and surrounding buildings.

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Preparing for her highly anticipated album, the “Diamond Princess” Trina will be forced to balance her unpredictable family with the demands of her hectic music career. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter has no desire to sing on big bass-heavy rap records, a trend in mainstream R&B, he says is “frustrating” and “wack.” Instead, P is serving “authentic” sounds of the genre with his latest mixtape ‘Break Up to Make Up.’On Feb.26, days after dropping the Valentine’s Day project, he stands mesmerized by the wide windows of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel's lobby lounge.P is known in the Hollywood circle as being bisexual, and it came at no surprise when Kat Stacks put out the fake a-s rumors that he was dating that rapper boy Young Platinum (photo above) who i was told admits to being at p’s Hollywood hills home for those freak parties with Chris Brown, Omarion, Teyana Taylor, Lil Kim and all of them.The stacks girl took back her allegations but still flo was furious even terrence j who had a secret relationship with p took to 106 to throw jabs at Kat stacks.

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    I showed some of the Flirtmoji to a friend, and she wasn’t surprised when I told her that you’re a woman. And that’s so beautiful, coming from another woman, that she saw that. Right, so I noticed that the free set of Flirtmoji don’t have hair, and I was wondering about that decision. I’m really glad you’re bringing that up because I feel like I’m being held accountable for that.