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I couldn’t even find my bra, so I just threw on my shirt and crossed my arms the entire time the cop was scolding us.I really don’t suggest car sex in random parking lots.” “I was caught up in a pretty hot make out scene on my living room couch.

There’s always something better.” “If you had a reservation somewhere and then a table at Per Se opened up, you’d want to go there,” Alex offers.“Guys view everything as a competition,” he elaborates with his deep, reassuring voice. ” With these dating apps, he says, “you’re always sort of prowling. A cop came right up to the window, and started shining his flashlight on our totally naked bodies. We decided to compile a list of some of the worst and most embarrassing hook-up stories from Cal Poly women. pants off...doing the deed, when all the sudden I heard some sirens right next to the car we were in.Turns out, we weren’t as secretive as we thought – they knew we were in there the whole time. ” “After a long night of drinking I ended up at the house of the guy I was hooking up with at the time.We were getting it on and I climbed on top of him when all of the sudden the alcohol really hit me.

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