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The following example uses code that is similar to the previous example.It sets the current culture to "fr-FR" and displays an integer to the console formatted as currency.Using Xavier De Le Rue’s experience, we decided to build this product as a boxer for a better application into snow sports, this short will slip perfectly under any snow wear.Also following the XV spirit, this safety product is mostly made of textile stretch components which allow a high range of motion.The domain is estimated value of $ 129,600.00 and has a daily earning of $ 180.00.Available across the US and Europe, the channel brings short stories to life in stunning high definition and covers the latest events from the short film industry.Windows Forms and console applications use the default currency symbol specified on the operating system.

As mentioned earlier, this setting might be incorrect. NET Framework default settings, your application must create a .

NET run as system services, not for specific users.

Therefore, the default results they return might differ from those returned by Windows Forms and console applications. NET Framework default currency settings for a culture to shield your application from operating system differences and to ensure consistent currency formatting.

object can be created for a specific culture, or the invariant culture, but not for a neutral culture.

A neutral culture does not provide enough information to display the correct numeric format.

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