Most intimidating football stadium best short dating headlines

Michie only seats 30,000, but it is an intimate experience every college football fan should take part in.Not to be outdone by Alabama or other SEC rivals, Auburn spent a whopping .9 million on the largest video board in all of college football.The Fighting Illini mostly haven't had the teams to match the history of the place, but it's capable of being a better venue than given credit for, at least when the team offers something to be excited about.Starkville, Miss.; 61,337 The second-oldest FBS stadium was established in 1914, making it 103 years old.

Every stadium provides a different experience, and few look alike. I ranked the top 50 major college football stadiums, based on highly subjective criteria.

When visiting teams come to Gainesville, Fla., they are usually treated to hot, sticky weather and thousands of gator-chomping fans. The orange trim of the stadium gives the venue a more Florida feel, and the three tiers on either end zone make it nearly impossible to hear anything when opponents reach the red zone.

Don’t expect an easy win when you step on to the humid confines of the newly minted Steve Spurrier Field.

While Army is not as mighty as it once was, it is still one of the best college football experiences in the nation.

Fans tailgate on the Hudson River and walk to the stadium that is tucked into a thicket of multicolor trees and a serene reservoir.

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