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The exact cause of death is not known but she was treated in hospital for a fortnight with an acute respiratory disease after returning from Japan. Referring to Caro's anorexia, Daniele Dubreuil-Prevot, her long-time acting instructor, said the French model "had been sick for a long time".

Vincent Bigler, a Swiss singer who became a close friend of Caro, told The Independent that Caro had been determined to help women like her who suffered from eating disorders.

Despite her obviously frail physique she said she had never once been told by a modelling agency to put on weight.

And she is picture proof that comfort trumps style every single time.

The star was pictured outside the five star Westbury Hotel in an oversized white shirt, bootcut trousers and a puffa jacket, with her hair still pinned up in curls. The red carpet legend is filming opposite British actress Gemma Arterton, who was spotted at various spots around the city over the summer. Actress Isabella Rossellini (R) models a chamois leopard print dress while her companion wears a suede shirt and pants during the Betsey Johnson Fall 1995 fashion collection in New York 03 April.

"She was this thin girl with a fragile voice but inside she was amazingly strong," he said. She would give out her phone number to anyone who wanted to talk about eating disorders. On her birthday this year she invited all her followers and fans to her party. She was very open-minded." Bigler had got to know Caro personally after writing a song about her called "J'ai fin," a wordplay that roughly translates as "I'm done" but is also near-identical to J'ai faim, the French for "I am hungry." In a video tribute posted on You Tube yesterday he wrote: "Thank you Isabelle for your courage and for the messages you passed on.

I hope that up there you enjoy what you love: art, poetry, reading and the love of others." Caro's poster campaign caused anger among some campaigners who feared that her skeletal image might inspire young women rather than encourage them.

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