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If you want to trigger the creation of a new Mass Calculated Rollup Fields job programmatically, retrieve the Attribute Metadata for the rollup attribute using Retrieve Attribute Request and use Update Attribute Request to update the attribute without making any actual changes.The Mass Calculated Rollup Fields job will occur immediately when a solution containing a rollup attribute is imported.More information: Event execution pipeline in the same entity to sort data returned by a query.Although your query can specify that the results should be ordered using a calculated attribute, the sort direction will be ignored and will not throw an error.These attributes don’t raise the event to trigger workflows.The Modified By and Modified On attributes for the entity aren’t updated when the rollup attribute is updated.For example, an Integer calculated attribute may reference values from Decimal or Currency attributes.More information: Tech Net: Define calculated fields.

Because this is a bitmask value, you may find it useful to use the Source Type Masks enumeration when performing bitwise operations.

Developers can also leverage the platform capabilities to perform these calculations rather than within their own code.

Video: Rollup and Calculated Fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015Contains the XAML definition of the formula used to perform the calculation or rollup.

If the value of that record is included as part of other rollup fields, the values of those fields won’t take the possible value change caused by calling this method into consideration until the regularly scheduled asynchronous jobs that perform those calculations occur.

Rollup attributes can’t be used as a workflow event or wait condition.

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