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The scary thing is every Twin-Cam engine has the potential to have the cam chain follower issue, even the new models. If it has a cam chains, it has the potential problem.It is our intent to make you aware that pre ’06 Dyna’s and the 1999 to 2006 Twin-Cam Harley-Davidson engines have possible, serious issues and they can mess up. In the most severe cases, as the spring loaded cam chain follower fails it shreds plastic material that fouls the rotary gear oil pump cutting off oil flow to the engine that can cause sudden catastrophic engine failure and destruction.Even the expensive CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) bikes have issues not to be taken lightly. Harley has made some changes in later model bikes, but even with the new hydraulic tensioning system, it is not a true fix. The shoes rub against the two chains and the plastic shoes wear out.

If you can’t afford to install the gear drive system, then you need to disassemble and inspect the inner and outer shoes every 15,000 miles or risk engine failure.Our objective today is to educate, and we are also going to outline some ways to fight back.Yes, even the new Harley’s have serious, potential problems. It uses plastic “shoes” riding on the cam chains that can (and do) wear out.While not outlined in any Harley Service manual I’ve seen, looking at them and replacing as needed should be done every 15,000 miles.There are nice pictures of what to look for, but no recommended inspection interval.

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