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The relatively new Studies in European Cinema, for example, a thrice-yearly publication, only managed one issue in 2011, and a number of the other recently-inaugurated journals coming from Intellect Press, such as Filmint, New Cinemas, Soundtrack, Studies in Australasian Cinema, and Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema have similarly experienced problems staying on schedule. Whether the problem is due to a lack of strong submissions in these very focused areas, editorial/ publicity issues, or simply a too rapid expansion to maintain this ambitious production schedule (most of these new journals have announced a three-issue-per-annum schedule) remains to be seen.

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"'Arizona Jim': The Westerns of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr." JPFT 39.2 (2011): 41-49.

The very variety of the categories seeing such large gains makes it difficult to assess a particular trend, although that same variety does quite simply suggest the vigorous and broad-based nature of film criticism today.

Now in its thirtieth year of publication, Post Script's Annual Bibliography retains largely the same format it has used in its previous years. "Dirk Bogarde: A Class Act." SS 21.9 (2011): 40, 42-44.

Whenever it seems necessary, we provide a brief annotation to the entries, and except for the "Actors/Actresses" and "Directors" categories, all entries are alphabetized according to the authors' last names.

In the table of "Periodicals Indexed" that follows, readers will find abbreviations for all of the journals cited in the article listings.

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