Japan sex chatting online

The artist maintains the project stoked a necessary debate on privacy and identity online.

GEO-dating apps still appealing Grindr has become one of the best-known sex navigation apps.

The social network hopes the change will boost engagement, and ultimately narrow the gap in it profits between it and its great rival, Facebook.

But what are some of the other inventions that revolutionized warfare?

The project, called " Wanna Play ," used Verhoeven's Grindr profile to draw chat partners into a discussion about online intimacy.

It was cut short on October 5, however, after some users protested, saying it was a violation of their privacy.

Facebook is testing a new function across six countries.

With this, media outlets' and other companies' products will be less prominently placed on its page. Scientists have said that Ross 128b has a similar mass and surface temperature to that of Earth.

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