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And outside, they were lighting off fireworks (from China, undoubtedly). Hi Nancy, I'm an occasional contributor to Danwei who is also very interested in the Chinese diaspora in Latin America.

My dad has roots in Brazil as a the son of German emigrants, and I spent some time there doing civil service, so I am looking to combine my Chinese skills with that background.

In fact the hispanic race is the result of breeding between the native indians of north, central, and south america and the white europeans...

Argentines, like Peruvians, Colombians, and many other nationalities of South America, are not so kind to Asians.

Don’t worry; you really can drive in these weather conditions.

If you take it carefully, know a couple of few tricks and understand good driving practice you will.

I think learning Spanish really makes some Asian people stand out especailly there are many people just concentrate on improving English.

For discrimination, I believe everywhere fills with discriminations, or I can say everyone is sort of a racist in a certain way.

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Anyways, it would be great to get in touch and share ideas. I live in Argentina and go to china town bario de china many times and go to the supermarkets and restaurats, but I have never found egg rolls like the ones in china and the states, can you please tell me where I might find them, also we to to japanese resturants mainly Dashe which is excellant and is in China town.Are you from abroad and have recently moved to Wolfsburg or are considering moving to Wolfsburg? The site „Wobpatriates“ gives an overview of life in Wolfsburg and supports you during your arrival and settling in here in Germany.Here you will find important information about living, leisure, health, education, mobility and many other tips about everyday life.One of the main differences between argentina and chinese culture is the pace at work, and that thrive from chinese to be very fast doing business, being proactive, always busy improving things..for the rest, we are quite similar, chinese share the same idea od family as argentina do, enjoy food family and being loyal to your roots and family!i believe argentina can only benefit from asian inmigrants specially chinese!

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