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How do you feel about women who are pregnant and start dating men ( or another man) while still pregnant? I'm 34 weeks and I don't even want to date my own husband (kidding-kind of).I'm watching the THS on Heidi Klum and how she started dating Seal while she was 5 months pregnant. I feel the exact same way about men dating while another woman is carrying their child.I welcome your views on this very interesting and sometimes contreversial issue. When we either here the term or use it ourselves, we think of a person who is doing everything to get someone's attention or affections. more Dreamers: An Immigration Nightmare Today, there are hundreds of thousands of "Dreamers" facing the possibility of having to leave the only home they've ever really known after President Donald Trump moved to end DACA, the... I look forward to hearing very honest and up-front views from both Men & Women. more Does your relationship take a back seat to your career? No one saw it coming, no one knew what was happening.

My impulse would be to say no only because there is a high likelihood that the individual is not in a stable enough state to really be in a relationship and I would have concerns like pp about my child feeling stuck in a relationship out of fear the person would commit suicide, etc. That being said..they get to be 15-16 years old..though we would to believe differently and as much as we would try, your ability to really control who they chose to be in a relationship is limited.

Plus, I would always be worried that the men I was dating were just into some freakish pregnant body fetish.

I do find it offensive that in TX it is mandated that a woman get 3 different HIV tests- one with first blood work, one at 3rd tri, and again at delivery.

He took off running down the road, and stupid me chased him. My grandma took my brothers death certificate to his mom, and we all sat down and we tried to explain the situation and how it affects so many people. He didn't kill himself, but he sure threatened it a lot.

my legs were going too fast for my body and I fell and almost got run over. My brother killed himself when he was 15 or 16 (it was 10 almost 11 years ago) because he got into a fight with his girlfriend.

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