Get to wii shop without updating

The replacement method requires a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 or another game with a 4.2 update from your region (Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is another choice from reports).

Use Methods 2 or 3 below if you don't own one of these games from your own region.

If you have hacked/homebrew wii, you'll notice that Nintendo released a new Shopping Channel update (v21).

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The third 4.2 method is the most complete without having to reinstall other things, but may require several tries (and a lot of time) to work.Please note that some USB keyboards may not function correctly.Nintendo recommends the Classic Keyboard 200 from Logitech.The 4.3 method is the easiest method and most recommended.PART 3 is optional and allows you to block future disc and network updates that are not yet released at the time of writing of this tutorial.

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