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It is understood that Miss Hamilton will be working in Maryhill, one of Glasgow’s most dangerous areas and the setting for gritty television detective programme Taggart.Over the next two years Miss Hamilton, who will earn the standard starting salary of £21,000, will study and train at Strathclyde Police’s Training and Recruitment Centre at Jackton, East Kilbride, and at the Scottish Police College at Tulliallan, Fife, as well as working as a beat officer in Glasgow.

She will also wear the uniform of a Strathclyde Police woman constable, including the reinforced bowler hat.Prior to the 11th century, Scots law was made up of a plethora of legal traditions of the many cultural groups present in the country at the time, including the Picts, the Gaels and Norse.The roots of modern Scots law were established with the introduction of feudalism and the expansion of the Kingdom of Scotland, with Roman law, playing a greater part in Scots law from the 15th century onwards, often being adopted in court in cases of a lack of native Scots ruling to settle a dispute.We’re told that the queen does legally own any mute swans living in open water, but no other species.It is, however, not true that anyone found to have killed a mute swan will be found guilty of treason and executed.• Any Scotsman found to be wearing underwear beneath his kilt can be fined two cans of beer Surely a fairly recent invention, given the beer can’s advent in 1935, this has cropped up time and time again and is, we suspect, tongue in cheek - not least because we couldn’t envisage anyone being employed to enforce this law.

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