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Cyber prostitutes create suggestive profiles on Facebook using fake names and posting explicit photos even though Facebook’s guidelines ban posts of a pornographic nature. There is also another trick: Sigheh, or a temporary marriage.

This type of marriage, which exists in Shia islam, legally recognises a short-term relationship between two people of the opposite sex.

Generally, a dowry or compensation is paid to the woman.

This arrangement can last from 15 minutes to 99 years, and there is no need for a divorce if the couple decides to separate.

They pose as a girl and take the money before quickly deleting their account.

You used to be able to trust these profiles, but now it’s more risky.

I earn around 250 euros a month without working too much [Editor’s Note: the minimum monthly wage is 150 euros in Iran].I know a few prostitutes who do this because they have to pay for a husband’s or a family member’s drug habit.The profile of these women has changed over the past few years: now it’s not surprising to find that they have bachelor’s or even master’s degrees!Even before the advent of social media, prostitutes passed their phone numbers from one client to the next in order to avoid soliciting in the street.Social media provided a chance to expand the network of potential clients.

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