Denture wearers dating site

Should you at any time date someone who feels negatively towards you because you happen to have dentures, then surely the person would not be worthy of you.A caring and considerate man would never make you feel bad about something that is so personal and an issue you may be sensitive about.

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I'm going back and forth between fear of looking like a monster and excitment of having a beautiful smile. Anyway, wish me luck and I will definitely keep you posted. Lisa Smokeyblue: The questions you asked are probably #1 in questions asked.

I know this may sound silly to some people, but it's a concern for me, as I don't have the emotional support of a loved one as some other people do.

I apologize if this is inappropriate, but like I said, this is an embarrassing question to ask one's dentist. Lisa Hi Lisa My experience with dentures has been a really positive one.

I've done the research, read the horror stories and have spoken to people who have been through the same procedure.

But there are some things that I am just not comfortable asking my dentist.

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