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Yes my japanese was good, as I had some long conversations(in japanese) with some.And the reason I want to marry a japanese girl is because they are so beautiful and elegant women and I hope to live in Japan someday and you cant do that with an american girl. i'm not sure i'd marry someone who was looking for japanese girls exclusively.I would really like to find a japanese woman so I can marry them later on.I was in Japan for a month and a half and couldnt even find a women there, so maybe I can have better chances on the internet. You were hardly there long enough to find someone to have a little fling with let alone someone to marry.However, I see tons of girls with profiles saying they don't want to do 出会い厨・出会い・等々.

It really gets under my skin when people pull out this shit on "you shouldn't decide based on race" or more generally "you're being shallow." For almost half my life now I have been more attracted to asian women than white women, I can't really say why, its just how it is. They just don't want guys randomly hitting on them and trying to hook up right away. Mixi has nothing to prevent you from contacting people in real life.It may be a positive sort of racism, but it's still racism.It's probably going to be considered especially weird if you do it outside of japan.Finding a girl to marry and moving to a country are two decisions with long-lasting effects, and I think it'd be more practical to separate the concerns.The way I see it, if he wants to marry a Japanese woman and live in Japan long term, the first step should be getting into Japan, not finding a woman.

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