Dating elijah wood and dominic monaghan

In 2004-ish, there was a multi-fandom contest on Live Journal to write a fic using a cliché from a long list of soap opera clichés.I took it a few steps further, using every cliché on the list except for "alien abduction." I won the contest with this fic. (Yes, I suck at summaries.) So, this is my first fanfic, please be kind. If the feedback is positive, then I may continue the story.Each glass held a shot; all the shots were a deep amber color.

However, the hurt/no confort is nothing akin to burns, cuts, or whips. And, unlike many stars, he isn't planning any legal action to stop the pranksters - he simply marvels at their creativity.He says, "There's one that's called elijahwoodisveryverygay (sic), which is actually a personal favourite of mine, it's absolutely hilarious.Special, hardly-used, guest appearances by the Harry Potter trio...because I needed someone to play their teenage kids.“All right, kiddies, listen up, Uncle Dom’s got a new game to play.”Eight faces turned to look at Dom with varying degrees of interest, skepticism, or apprehension; he was standing in the doorway between kitchen and lounge, holding a tray laden with small glasses.

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