Dating a vietnamese girl

Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Vietnam?

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-Miss saigon and Rambo turn the Vietnamese who were invaded into "evil" men and the females as sexual conquests.Oh wait...they're one and the same) who are liberating Asian females from "evil" Asian men. Why are you NOT concerned with protecting one of your own Asians from a creepywhiteguy?Notice, I'm not saying this because he's white but because he's cleary a yellow fever creep.It's precisely because of your lenient (and often, encouraging) attitudes, that an obvious creep like the op has the confidence to approach with racist impunity. That's the kind of "white rugged hero" that many Asian females naively date. ..I'm the only guy who cares enough to call out a creep when he sees one? microdick, chink, loser, math nerd, geek, ching chong, gook, dog eater...all there.whereas the rest of you are complacently encouraging some yellow fever guy who can't be bothered to address the women he dates by their full ethnicity? @mjdibatt I know not all white guys are like that, but you have to admit, there are lot of scummy white guys who take advantage of Asian females while spreading lies about Asian men in life and media constantly like it's their job. The vital statistics, decades of anti-Asian history, media content, expat forums/stories, anecdotes, mail order bride scandals, and even devolving Asian female attitudes towards Asian men support my views.

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