Catholic view on dating

Many happily married folks I know have remarked that they would not want to trade places with young adults and set foot into the dating scene again, especially today.

It’s not that they didn’t enjoy their own courtships.

She explained, “One of the difficulties in dating is that there are fewer people committed to the faith and fewer people committed to dating and marriage….

Sometimes being so close to the situation clouds reasoning.” “There are so many broken relationships,” Ms. “I think the statistic is that the divorce rate is as high inside the church as it is outside the church.

Maybe if we allowed those people who are going through our spiritual journey with to speak to this side of our life we wouldn’t have as many broken relationships.” As challenging as it is to meet a compatible mate, there is help available through places like Catholic Match. Lee said, “Single Catholics are drawn to Catholic because they are looking for a spouse who shares the same faith and similar values.

Many young adults are beginning to recognize the purpose of dating as not merely a pastime for fooling around and having fun, but as a serious endeavor meant for the greater purpose of life-long marriage.

A television network decided to create a dating game show that would encourage churches to get involved with matching available singles with potential mates.

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