Aberdeen speeddating

Having gone along as an impulse, I suddenly realised I hadn’t thought of any topics of conversation and began to panic.We hadn’t been told how long our dates would be and I didn’t want to bore my dates to death with small talk about what course he was studying.However, we had to power on for almost another hour. My throat hurt, and my memory was beginning to fade. Guys kept appearing opposite me looking haggard and hot, desperately asking how much longer I thought this was going to last.I couldn’t remember anyone’s name or even their face. It’s not really what you want to hear as the first words from your date but I sympathised!We proceeded straight to the bar to claim our free drink which was included in the £5 price and to get some ‘Dutch Courage’ before the dating began.Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones with this idea, and the wait at the bar was a long one.Once the final cymbal sounded we were invited to drink at another bar as the Mandela Bar was closing, but all I could think of was getting out of my heels and into bed.

A very stylish, relaxed cocktail bar with lots to offer - friendly staff, beautiful interior and amazing cocktails - a stylish addition to Aberdeen's ever growing cocktail scene.With the sound system playing up, nobody at the far end of the bar knew what they were meant to be doing.After a brief delay everyone was seated, ready for the dating to begin.Contemporary, cool and classy, Orchid brings additional warmth and glamour to Aberdeen's bars and restaurants .If you haven't already - you need to visit and experience this venue.

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